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Quality Bulletin is a magazine that publishes all of the activities organised by IPQ. It was produced in 2014 and publised biannually. Its purpose was to document the achievements and efforfs of IPQ, and be shared with UUM campus community and the outside parties. In addition, the bulletin is one of the strategic brandings of IPQ.

Starting from 2016, the bulletin was published 4 times a year. Initially it focuses only on activities organised by IPQ, however the top management decided that the bulletin should also published articles with more informative contents. Among them were  articles written by IPQ’s staff, CEOs of leading companies and article-winning contest winners. In addition, there are also an interview section called 'Rising Star' and 'Our Professor' and also article(s) on experience sharing for longest serving employee of UUM. The purpose of these sections is to recognise their experiences and achievements.