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Prof. Sany

Prof. Dr. Sany Sanuri Mohd. Mokhtar

IPQ Director

Assalamualaikum wbh and Salam Sejahtera,

On behalf of the whole team of IPQ, I am pleased to welcome you to the Official Portal of the Institute for Quality Management (IPQ), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Realising that quality is the key to the success of an organisation, Universiti Utara Malaysia took the initiative to establish the Centre for Quality Management in 1991. It was later upgraded to an institute in September 1993 and renamed Institute of Quality Management.

Specifically, IPQ is responsible for driving  the university’s transformation agenda in the aspect of the development of the university administration system in line with   the University’s motto, Knowledge, Virtue and Service. On top of that, IPQ will continue to endeavour in ensuring the university’s strategic agendas such as university strategic planning, rankings and ratings at the local, regional and international levels can be realised successfully. IPQ also intends to become the leading research and reference centre in quality excellence, corporate planning and global competitiveness. These activities and actions are significant to assist UUM in realising its vision to become the Eminent Management University.

In other words, IPQ is responsible to support UUM from three main perspectives – Quality Management, Strategic Planning Management and Accreditation Management. Quality Management focuses on the aspects of quality such as MS ISO 9001, Innovative and Creative Circles (ICC) working groups, the Assessment of Quality and Innovative Practices (5S) and other current quality practices. Meanwhile, Strategic Planning Management focuses on efforts of the university to achieve the university’s Key Performance Indices (KPIs), and Accreditation Management focuses on aspects related to accreditation such as SETARA, ASEAN-QA and international rankings and ratings.

Finally, I hope this official website will become a useful reference point on quality for all UUM members and other visitors. I sincerely welcome positive feedbacks to improve this web page and serve you better.

Thank you for taking your time to visit our IPQ website.