AUN-QA Certification at UUM

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AUN-QA Certification at UUM

The first time UUM was awarded with AUN-QA certification was in 2013 for the Bachelor of International Affairs Management (Hons) Degree Program under the School of International Studies (SoIS) UUM COLGIS, and the program has gone through the AUN-QA re-certification process in April 2018.

Five (5) programs have been awarded with the AUN-QA Certification in 2015 under these four (4) Schools:

 a)   School of Quantitative Sciences (SQS)

  •  Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)
  •  Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Science)

 b)   School of Government (SOG)

  • Bachelor of Development Management (Hons)

c)   School of Economics, Finance and Banking (SEFB)

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (Hons)

d) School of Applied Psychology, Social Work and Policy (SAPSP)

  • Bachelor of Social Work Management (Hons)