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This section serves to help UUM plan and project the future strategy with the use of controlled local data. It is intended to provide data required by the relevant departments, the senior management of the University as well as outside agencies who need information quickly and rapidly from various aspects. The implementation of data collection by the BPK covers the entire information in UUM such as student data, staff data, research data, consultation data, publishing data, security data, financial data and agreement data.

KM Enterprise functions are:

  1. Acts as a University data hub where all the data are collected and supplied to any interested party.
  2. Monitor data quality on an ongoing basis to ensure that the results of the data analysis will provide the true picture of the actual situation of the University.
  3. Collaborate with the Computer Centre to complete an integrated system that supports the University's management, strategic plan and RWR.
  4. Monitor and provide E- strategic systems to support the needs of the strategic plan and RWR.
  5. Provide the statistics book twice a year to guide the top management of the University.
  6. Report on developments of KM Portal to the Vice-Chancellor from time to time.