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On 2 March 2015 (Monday), the Quality Management Institute (IPQ) held a workshop on fine-tuning of AUN-QA Self-Assessment Report (SAR). IPQ has invited Dr. Mohammad Zaki Bin Ahmad, Deputy Dean of the School of International Studies who is also a consultant for the UUM AUN-QA as the speaker for the workshop.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah, Director of IPQ, started the workshop with his speech. He urged the schools involved to gear up and ensure the preparation for AUN-QA auditing is flawless.

This year, there are 5 programmes will be involved in the process of AUN-QA auditing. Those are Bachelor of Business Mathematics with Honours and Bachelor of Decision Science with Honours (School of Quantitative Sciences), Bachelor of Economics with Honours (School of Economics, Finance and Banking), Bachelor of Social Work Management with Honours (School of Social Development), and Bachelor of Development Management with Honours (School of Government).

Throughout the workshop, Dr. Mohammad Zaki concentrated more on the improvement of the SAR documents of the pertinent Schools. In the near future, there are two programmes from School of Quantitative Sciences and a program from the School of Government will be audited by an AUN-QA Auditor from 21 to 23 April 2015.

The IPQ hopes that this workshop could help the Schools in producing SAR documents in accordance with the standard prescribed by the AUN-QA and successfully obtain the AUN-QA certification.