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Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), once again proved its determination in the international ranking and rating, Webometrics. This rating is carried out twice a year, i.e. January and August each year rating 23000 universities around the world. Based on the results released on August 3, the ranking of UUM in the world increased by 198 positions which is from 1697 to 1499.

Specifically, the ranking takes into account four major indicators, namely, Impact (50%), Presence (10%), Openness (10%), and Excellence (30%). The Impact indicator takes into account the number of external links to the University website domain while the Presence indicator takes into account the number of web pages. In addition, the Openness inidcator refers to the number of documents especially pdf files in a web page, and Excellence indicator focuses on the number of Scopus publications undertaken by the University.

Based on this achievement, the Impact indicator improved by 2329 positions from 4328 to 1999. The Openness indicator also increased 44 positions from 430 to 386. In addition, the Excellence indicator also grew by 491 positions to 2655 from 3133. However, the Presence indicator decreased by 63 positions to 99 from 161.

IPQ as the secretariat will continue to drive and work with all the Centres of Authority to ensure that the agenda of uum ranking in the world which is a critical agenda is successfully realised. Therefore, it is hoped that all UUM staff can work together to formulate strategies and initiatives for improving the position of UUM to greater level in Webometrics rating.