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On 2 September 2015, 5S Quality Environment Practises Audit was held at IPQ by Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) auditor, Dr. Suriati Zainal Abidin.

In the opening speech, the Director of IPQ, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah pointed out that the efforts of IPQ to get national level 5S certification is to be an example to all Centres of Authority (PTJ) in UUM in line with the role of IPQ as UUM 5S Secretariat. 

He also explained that the IPQ 5S certification project is one of the initiatives to foster teamwork among IPQ employees and a few other PTJ like UPSB and JPP. Haim also felt contented that the efforts of IPQ to hone the leadership among the support staff has been successful. In particular, he was proud because this project’s Main Committee was headed by support staff and IPQ management remained as an advisor. 

In the closing session, Dr. Suriati who is the Manager at the MPC expressed admiration on the commitment of the IPQ 5S Main Committee and 5S environment that actually exists in IPQ.