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On 21 October 2015, Quality Management Institute (IPQ) held a Desk File Workshop at Computer Lab FWB 04 COLGIS. A total of 47 participants from various Responsibility Centres of UUM attended this workshop. This one-day workshop was led by the Deputy Director of Division of Quality Excellence System IPQ, Dr. Noor Hasmini Bt. Hj Abd Ghani.

The purpose of this workshop was to expose and understand the Desk File creating methodology to carry out daily tasks with greater efficiency. In addition, this workshop also provided awareness on the importance of the Desk File in the MS ISO 9001:2008 and as an important instrument in enhancing the quality of someone's work.

Among the important aspects emphasized about Desk File were the introduction to Desk File, the concept of WPM/DF, the benefits of WPM/DF, the difference between the WPM and DF as well as the methods of preparing a Desk File according to the format that has been specified by MAMPU. In addition, the actual practise on how the prepare a desk file was also done by the participants. At the end of the workshop, the participants had to present the result of the practise that was given during the workshop.

IPQ hopes that the participants understood the concept of Desk File preparation as well as improve the service at their respective PTJ. IPQ would like to express sincere gratitude for the commitment shown throughout the workshop.