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On 12 November 2015, Excellence Award Audit session for Responsibility Centre(Supporting Category) conducted by Dr. Norsiah Abdul Hamid and Mdm Rozana Mohamed Hanifa was held at the Main Meeting Room, Quality Management Institute (IPQ). Prior to this IPQ was audited for financial management on 03 November 2015 by Mdm. Rose Fazlinda Yanti Abdul Rashid and Mdm Suhaily Ahmad.

The audit session began with a short briefing by the Director of IPQ, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah. A total of five (5) IPQ staff were randomly selected from various positions, namely Dr. Faizal Md. Hanifa, Mdm Siti Khairunnisa Mohd. Nor, Mdm Nurhadayah Abdul Rahim, Miss Harishah Ahmad and Mr. Shahrin Azly Muhamad Yusuf. Among the questions asked were related to the IPQ corporate information, the application of shared values of UUM and competency of staff in respective job scope. Audit continued with document checking according to the predetermined assessment criteria.

Overall, the auditors were satisfied with the evidence prepared by the IPQ. The audit ended with photo session.