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22 November 2015, Quality Management Institute (IPQ) held a briefing on the Best Management Practices Approach (BMP)-ISO. The main objective of the briefing was to do an assessment on all ISO documents for each PTJ towards improvements that lead to Reducing Operational Burden in every work process for the production of more effective and efficient work. Consequently, the briefing was also intended to provide early exposure to the BMP auditors who were appointed to audit the ISO document evaluation using this BMP-ISO approach.

According to the IPQ director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah, the project involves Four Main Phases. For Phase 1, ISO document appraisal focuses on the flow of work process characterized as Easy Category in advance. Followed by phase 2 and 3 for Medium Hard Category and 4th Phase for the category of Difficult. The time frame to complete the project is 2 years. The project was deemed to be a massive revision involving all the UUM ISO documents and recommendations on the process of important work to be made as the new ISO document are likely to occur when the project is run. This project will commence in early 2016.

To ensure the success of the project, IPQ hopes that all PTJ involved give full cooperation to the BMP auditors. IPQ would like to thank all the auditors for the high commitment in ensuring the University’s agenda is implemented successfully.