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On 10th January, the Quality Management Institute (IPQ) held a function to present appointment letters to the newly appointed staff, and also the  official handing over of duties at the Executive Meeting Room 1in IPQ. The function was attended by all the IPQ staff, the former Deputy Director of Corporate Planning, the former Directors and the former English Language Coordinator.

The Deputy Director of Corporate Planning, Dr.Mazni Omar; the Deputy Director of Quality Excellence System, Dr. Noor HasminiAbdGhani;the Manager of National and Global Competitiveness,Dr.Narentheren a/l Kaliappen; the Manager of SETARA, PPMPT &Rating,Dr.Shahrudin Awang Nor; the Manager of Quality Assurance,Dr.MohamadFaizal Ahmad Zaidi; and the English Language Coordinator, PuanLieyana Teo Mohd. ZulkifliTeo.were the newly appointed officials.

Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah expressed his gratitude and sincere thanks to the IPQ staffof 2015, Dr.Kadzrina Abdul Kadir, Dr.Faizal Md. Hanafiah, Dr.MohdFarihal Osman and Madam Peshamini a/p Munusamy for their contributions.

Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah in his speech hoped that IPQ will be committed towards realizing the strategic agenda at the university, national and global levels.. He also added;that the success of a department depends on the strength of the staff; hence, any assigned task should prioritizeteamwork in order to make it successful.

The Director also presented the 2014 annual performance appraisal lettersto 17 members of the staff for their excellent performance. He also presented the Staff of the MonthAwardsto Ms. Siti Hajar Mat Isa (November 2015)andTn. Hj. YahayaIsmail (December 2015).

At the same function, the IPQ Staff Welfare Club celebrated the birthdays of the staff who were born in December: Dr. Mohd. Farihal Osman, En. Muhamed Nor Azman Nordin, Ms.Nursyidah Abdul Wahab, MadamNorsaadah Mat Ali and Madam Siti Khairunnisa Mohd. Nor.

The ceremony ended with the Director of IPQ, Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah, leading the staff in the reading of the service pledge. He hoped this event would strengthen the relationship among the IPQ staff and maintain the excellent momentum in IPQ to face the challenges ahead.