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A formal handover ceremony of Work Procedure Manual (WPM) & Desk File (DF) was held at the Registrar’s Meeting Room, UUM on 31st January 2016.  The ceremony involved the Institute of Quality Management and the Registrar Department, UUM.  The Work Procedure Manual (WPM) & Desk File (DF) serve as reference document as stated in Development Administration Circular Vol. 8 Year 1991 published by the Malaysia Prime Minister’s Department.

In the University 17th Quality Council Meeting held on 22nd October 2015, the Vice Chancellor decided the Work Procedure Manual (WPM) & Desk File (DF) to be handed over to the Registrar Department. The Registrar Department should held responsible for the management and observation of the WPM and DF.


During the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah, the Director of IPQ said WPM and DF are essential in creating a standard and efficient working procedure to ensure the continuity of the university’s agendas. WPM and DF also act as a source of reference in the event of staff exchange. The idea was welcomed by the Registrar, En. Mohamad Akhir Bin Haji Yusuf. According to him, The Registrar Department will take it seriously for every centres to have WPM and each staff DF’s are on an even keel.

The ceremony officially signify that the management of WPM and DF previously administered by IPQ now handed over to the Registrar Department.  The officers from IPQ and Registrar’s Department were also present at the ceremony.