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Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) once again proves its determination in the international ranking rating when listed for the first time in the UI GreenMetricWorld University Ranking. Based on the result announced on 22nd January 2016, UUM has successfully placed itself at 45th in the world.

UUM achieved encouraging result in the education category ranked at 7th place in the world. The success of this ranking hinges on the offered environmental courses in our academic programmes and numbers of community programmes associated with the nature.

UUM also was ranked at the first place in thetransportationand educationcategories.  This indicated that UUM is taking it seriously in the effort to educate the campus members and others generally the importance of environmental care. This evidences that UUM is taking the effort the active roles of UUM academicians involved in researches and publications with regard to environment.  Apart from that, this also proves the active role of UUM academicians involves in researches and publications related to the environment being recognised. This in turn will inspire the Discovery UUMprogramme this year.

Particularly, UI GreenMetric indicators are Setting and Infrastructure (15%), Energy & Climate Change (21%), Waste (18%), Water (10%), Transportation (18%)and Education (18%).

Setting & Infrastructurelooks into the university’s involvement in providing green environment and environmental care. While Energy & Climate Changerefers to the university’s effort in energy efficiency management, and at the same time takes nature and energy resources into account.

Wasterefers to the programme and waste treatmentemphasised by the university, i.e. organic waste treatment, recycle programme and policy to reduce the use of plastics and polystyrenes in campus. Waterrefers to the effort to reduce water wastage. Transportationrefers to the policy in the effort to reduce the use of motor vehicle in campus. Lastly,Education looks at the university’s role in creating future generation that cares about the environment.

IPQ as the secretariat will keep driving and collaborate with all PTJ to ensure UUM’s world raking agenda is realised successfully. Hence, members of UUM should start working together developing strategies and initiatives to improve UUM ranking to a higher level in the UI GreenMetric rating in the future.

IPQ would like to extend our heartiest gratitude to the UI GreenMetric working committee involves in the process of raking such as JPP, RIMC, HEP, STML, STHEM, SOG, Webmaster, UUM Press, PSB, Registrar, UUMIT, Department of Security, Department of Treasurer and UNIC.