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The Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) has organized the Organization Competitiveness Seminar at Lost World Hotel, Tambun, Perak on 03 March 2016.

The seminar gave the overview of the issues and challenges to become a competitive leader and staff, branding of an organization and the importance of ICT in building competitiveness.

The first presenter, Dr. Noor Hasmini Abd Ghani talked about the issues, challenges and organization branding strategies. Meanwhile, the second presenter, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah discusses the issues and strategies to be a prestigious leader at all management level. Last but not least, the final presenter, Dr. Mazni Omar talked about issues related to ICT-oriented strategies in building a world class university.

“The seminar provides a lot of input to me. Each slot draws my full attention and the presenters shares interesting clips to us,” says Cik Norzalida, one of the seminar participant.

Another participant, En. Muhamed Nor Azman Nordin said, “this seminar is a mind-opener to the participants, especially in building teamwork – the ability to enhance work quality and the organization”.

“The seminar made me realize that ordinary person too can be great if he is willing to work hard and show his hidden talent and potencies. The seminar highlighted new knowledge inputs especially in the field of marketing and ICT which is important in today’s organization governance”, says En. Hairil Azuin, one of the participants during a sharing session.

IPQ would like to extend our highest gratitude to everyone involved to the realization of this seminar. Hopefully the knowledge will be able to benefit the participants.