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Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) needs not only the national recognition to be known, but also the international recognition in order to drive UUM to the international arena.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dato' Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak said, among the biggest achievements in the international arena by the university is the AUN-QA and UI GreenMetric World University Ranking certification, could highlight UUM’s position internationally.

"Recognition or accreditation is essential not only to promote UUM to the public, but as a platform to draw the attention of the finest students and academicians to come to UUM.

"This achievement proves that UUM is not only local oriented, but also internationally recognized. Hence, the University programme should be marketable internationally and possess recognition or accreditation from the international bodies,” he said during the AUN-QA Certificate Handover and UI GreenMetric Achievement Appreciation ceremony at the Senate Room earlier this morning.

The Vice-Chancellor also added, besides the academic programme acknowledged and recognised internationally, UUM also contributes to every green aspect, global climate change and environmental care to the extend UUM is ranked in World 44th position in UI GreenMetric World University Ranking.

In addition, the green scenery of UUM being in the heart of nature will certainly sustained as one of the main attractions especially to the foreign students and become the heritage to the future generation.

"With UI Greenmetric recognition, UUM has proven that the efforts by the academicians, administrative staff and students are recognised by the global community, particularly in the environmental conservation. Indirectly the recognition translates our tagline ‘University in the Green Forest”.

"I really hope everyone in the campus will be able to get the picture behind the attainment of international ratings and recognitions, it is to put UUM at the highest position not only locally but the world. Indirectly, this also serves as a platform for UUM branding to continue to be recognised on the international stage,” he added.

At the same event, the Vice-Chancellor also presented the AUN-QA certificates to the Dean Representatives from School of Economics, Finance and Banking (SEFB), School of Qualitative Science (SQS), School of Applied Psychology, Social Work and Policy and the Dean of School of Government (SoG). Also, 30 Centre of Authorities (CoA) representatives receive Certificate of Appreciation from AUN-QA and UI GreenMetric.  

Meanwhile, the Director of Institute of Quality Management (IPQ), Assoc Prof. Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah said, both achievements are basically from the Vice-Chancellor’s continuous determination supporting UUM denizens to attain as much recognition as possible for the academic programme regionally and internationally, as well as to strengthen the branding of UUM through international bodies rankings.

He also mentioned that five UUM academic programme has attained outstanding achievement with the receipt of the AUN-QA certification and hopes to enhance the efforts for continuous success of the university.

"We are in the most suitable context to keep driving the university’s agenda with the support from our Vice-Chancellor and the management of the university.

"We have successfully lifted a huge agenda for the university when we are able to claim our university as “University in Green Forest' and listed in our first attempt in UI GreenMetric World University Ranking," he said.

Present at the same event, UUM CAS Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr Norshuhada Shiratuddin, deans, CoA’s representatives and other UUM officers.