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19th April 2016: The Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) held 5S Award Giving Ceremony for the first time for the year 2016. A number of 5 IPQ 5S Agenda Award was presented – Best Desk Award, Best Preson-In Charge Award, Best Zone Leader Award, Best Committee Award, and Best Zone Award.

The Director of IPQ, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah in his speech congratulated the winners and convey his hope for IPQ to become the best example to others especially in 5S agenda and other aspects entrusted by the University.

“IPQ really needs to become the transformation office for UUM. We can make the decision to either make excuses not to become the excellent department, or we can find excuses to just look at UUM unable to compete with other established universities in our country such as UM, UKM, UPM and others,” he said.

“Hence, I want all members of IPQ especially and UUM in general to take the approach of - let’s be more passionate, discipline, and hardworking than others. With that, we will definitely be able to stand beside other established universities one day and if we keep striving, it is not impossible for us to be one of the best in Malaysia” he added.

Based on the audit result held on 30th March 2016, the Director hopes the result can be upgraded through improvements as suggested by IPQ internal auditors.

The award presentation was held after IPQ Department Meeting (4/2016). The IPQ Welfare Club also celebrates the birthdays of staff who were born in the month of April - Dr. Nurakmal Ahmad Mustaffa, Dr. Shahrudin Awang Nor and Puan Harishah Ahmad. The event was also brighten up with the presentation of wedding gift by the Director to Puan Siti Hajar Mat Isa. At the same event, Puan Nur Fathin Abdul Rahman was also awarded with Staff of the Month Award.