IPQ-UUM Cares Programme – Return Their Smile

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30th June 2016 (Thursday)- The Welfare and Recreation Club of the Institute of Quality Management Institute (KKR-IPQ) recently organized IPQ-UUM Cares Programme – Return Their Smile. The programme held during the holy month of Ramadhan is as part of the CSR activity for IPQ. The programme contributed to the less fortunate families in forms of goods and money in the rural areas around Changlun, Kodiang, Jitra and Alor Star.  A total of 20 families were identified to receive the contributions for this programme.

IPQ Director, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah said,  “The programme really touches our heart. Most of the receivers lived in very poor condition. We witnessed a couple, both paralysed, unable to communicate, surviving on their own as their only child is currently hospitalised. It was heartbreaking for us to meet a family with both parents bedridden living in a very old house, and some living alone and depends solely on the zakat contributions of RM600 which they received yearly to survive. I would like to thank all members of IPQ, UUM and other organisations for their contributions to make this programme a success. May Allah reward you with goodness.”

“To ensure the continuity of this programme, IPQ-UUM will take the initiative to take few families we visited as IPQ adopted family. We will raise funds to lighten their burden and support them monthly,” he added.

The team from IPQ-UUM was represented by 12 committee members. The programme also received support by the Kota Seputeh ADUN, YB Dato’ Abu Hassan, and YB Dato’ Othman Aziz from Jerlun Parliament. The programme begins at Changlun, later to Kodiang, Jitra and ended at Alor Star at approximately 4.30 p.m.