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18 June 2016. IPQ has taken the initiative to enhance the quality of news writing, graphic and photography for the in-house staff by providing the person in charge the chance to learn the proper techniques and methods for news writing.

The Director of IPQ, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haim HIlman in his opening speech, “the staff who are involved with news writing and photography will be able to benefit from the workshop and improve the quality of IPQ news. Hopefully the knowledge shared by the speaker can be beneficial in a short time”.

En. Azizi Arif, from the Chancellery Graphic Unit exposes the participants to brochure design techniques, how to get ideas from Youtube and the use of fonts to design bulletin, brochure and others.  

Photography is another important elements and one has to ensure the picture is neat, interesting and the layout attached with the news suits the reader. En. Hairul Nizam Zahari, the Chancellery’s photographer shared his experiences and it helps the participants to grasp the skills to take photos and the correct position to capture a good picture. Besides that, the participants were also exposed to the use of Photoshop in brief.

The news writing was conducted by Cik Nordiana and En. Mohd Amir Aizat, representatives from the Coporate and Communication Unit, Chancellery was a mind opening as they have shown the proper techniques to develop creative ideas for programmes and activities held at IPQ.

Puan Faizah Ibrahim said, “Even though the workshop was held in a day, I managed to learn the proper techniques to enhance my news writing skills how to choose suitable pictures for news. Such workshop should be conducted in every department to ensure quality news as it will also enhance the image of the department.” 

The workshop was held at IPQ Main Meeting Room. A number of 11 participants have successfully attended the workshop.