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The Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) held the Innovative and Creative (ICC) Briefing 2016 on 4th September 2016 at the Seminar Hall C, UUM Convention Centre. A total of 40 participants from various Centres of Authority attended the briefing session. The briefing aims to give early exposure about ICC especially to the newly founded ICC team.

The briefing was conducted by the Deputy Director of Quality Excellence System, IPQ, Dr. Noor Hasmini Hj. Abd Ghani. She shared the history of ICC establishment in Malaysia and the processes involved in creating an ICC team. According to her, “ICC is one of the main agenda in the effort to improve the quality of management in UUM. Each staff should be creative by cultivating the values of innovation thus creating an effective result to ensure the excellence of UUM”.

In the same briefing, IPQ also shares the ICC road show schedule for each PTJ which will be held towards the end of September. ICC Road show is one of the efforts by IPQ to enlighten the participants and motivates PTJ in the process of forming their ICC team.

IPQ hopes the road show will be able to boost the spirit of each PTJ to establish their ICC team and at the same time increase the number of participation for ICC compared to the previous years. The formation of ICC team by 2016 is essential to ensure participation for the upcoming Open ICC Convention which will be held in 19-20th February 2017. The upcoming ICC Convention will make a huge difference where the participation is open to not only UUM ICC team, but to other agencies as well. The winner will represent UUM to the Public University’s ICC.