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Langkawi, 5 October – In order to support the national agenda in developing employees with the ability to have creative and innovative thinking skills besides possessing the quality and integrity in delivering their services to the public and nation, the Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) Universiti Utara Malaysia organised a seminar on Integrity, Quality, Innovation, Creativity and Blue Ocean Strategy (Public and Private Sector) or also known as SIQIC for the third year in a row.

With the theme “Optimising Employees’ Self Potential to Drive he Organisation and National Agenda”, SIQIC 3 2016 was organised with the aim to provide further understanding to the participants with the issues, problems and finding the effective approaches for solutions in matters pertaining to integrity, quality, innovation, creativity and the blue ocean strategy as well as the ability to empower the employees to ensure the success of their organisations.

SIQIC 3 2016 was officiated by the Deputy Finance Minister I, Yang Berhormat Dato’ Othman Aziz.

In his accordance, the seminar is in line with the nation’s aspiration to foresee the employees in both public and private sectors to keep improving their work approaches with innovation, quality, integrity, creativity and the blue ocean strategy.

"Collaboration among institutions through the blue ocean strategy is also aligned with the nation’s aspiration especially to practice new approaches and make use of the variety of resources to improve the effectiveness and produce better production besides reducing the existing cost.

"I really hope the participants will be able to benefit from this seminar and apply the knowledge gained at their organisations which indirectly will later also contribute to the increment in competitiveness of our country at all levels,” he said after the seminar opening.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students Affairs & Alumni) Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Malek Hj Abdul Karim reading the text by the Vice-Chancellor said, integrity, quality, innovation and creativity to consolidate an organisation needs to be strengthen and inculcate as a practice and culture by all services.

"Innovation is seen as one of the success factor for an organisation, hence, UUM has also encourages creativity and innovation activities to further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery,” he explained.

He also added that institutions and organisations should always practice the blue ocean strategy to maximise the existing resources in retaining the safety and the prosperity of the nation.

For the first time in history, the three-day seminar which began on 4th October was organised in collaboration with Seberang Perai Polytechnics Pulau Pinang.

Total of 85 participants from both public and private sectors participated in the seminar that discusses topics and paperwork related to integrity, quality, innovation, creativity and the blue ocean strategy.

The speakers for the seminar are the actor and film director, Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri; Senior Director of the Malaysian Institute of Integrity, Tn Hj Mohamad Diah Hj Wahari; Senior General Manager at the Department of Training and Consultation, SIRIM STS Sdn Bhd, Dr. Mohd Azman Idris; Tn. Hj. Ahmad Murshid Hj. Abu from the Department of Productivity & Competitiveness Development Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC); Director of IPQ-UUM, Assoc Prof Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah and the Director of Seberang Perai Pulau Pinang Polytechnics, Mejar (K) Haji Zulkifli Ariffin.

The event also witnessed the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UUM with SIRIM STS Sdn. Bhd. and MPC.

Assoc Prof Dr Abdul Malek Hj Abdul Karim represented UUM, while SIRIM STS Sdn Bhd was represented by the Director, Mr. Azim Ng Abdullah whereas MPC was represented by its’ Deputy Director. En. Ab Rahim Yusoff. The MoU was witnessed by YB Dato’ Othman Aziz.

Also present at SIQIC 3 2016 opening ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of Langkawi Development Authority (LADA), Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, Director OF Seberang Perai Polytechnics, Mejar (K) Hj. Zulkifli Ariffin and UUM officers.