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On 16 September 2016, the Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) has conducted a workshop on “Innovative and Creative Group Facilitators” (KIK) in the Main Meeting Room of IPQ. A total of 34 participants consisting of facilitators and KIK group leaders from various Centers of Responsibility (PTJs) UUM attended the workshop.

The main objective of the workshop was to expose the participants on the roles of facilitators and leaders of the KIK. In addition, the workshop also provided the participants with the basic concepts, the operation and the philosophy of KIK and the problem-solving techniques and improvements that are appropriate, clear and creative in managing the KIK team more effectively. The one-day workshop was conducted by Mr. Abd Aziz Yusof, an Assistant Consultant Training from INTAN Northern Regional Campus, Sungai Petani, Kedah. He has extensive experienced in KIK field, and is also a jury for the KIK convention at the university and the national level.

The Deputy Director of the Quality Excellence System (SKK) IPQ, Dr. Hasmini Noor Hj. Abd Ghani in her welcoming speech said that the KIK activities should be practiced continuously to ensure a productive work process. The requirements on the characteristics of innovative and creative in problem solving processes are crucial for UUM to remain competitive and excellent. Additionally in 2017, IPQ will continue to strive to increase the participation of KIK team through its first organization of UUM Open KIK Convention which will be held in 2017. This Convention will involve all Centres of Authority (PTJs) in UUM and the participation of outside organisations. She did not only expressed hope that for this year’s convention, each department will send its KIK team to participate at the convention but at the same time for all departments to foster the KIK culture in UUM.

IPQ hopes that the participants can mobilise the KIK agenda to their PTJ respectively and simultaneously improve their service quality and help realize UUM’s vision of becoming the Eminent Management University.