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Committed employees of the IPQ are recognized as a very valuable asset to the organization because of their hard work which acts as a catalyst and mover to the strategic plan of the organization. Regarding this matter, the Division of Administration & Competitiveness (BPDS) of IPQ with the cooperation from the IPQ’s Welfare & Recreational Club had organized  an ‘IPQ Appreciation Night 2016’ which was held on 30 November 2016 (Wednesday) at EDC Hotels & Resorts.

The Director of IPQ, Associate Professor Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah had announced in his speech with the highest amount of gratitude to all the staff of IPQ who have helped bring transformation towards the IPQ in particular, and to UUM with success in various agendas of the department and the university.

“Not even one agenda of the university which we had not failed to execute. This victory is because of the unity from our hearts and our courage to push ourselves beyond the limits”, as told by him. He added, “The strength of IPQ is caused by the first-class commitment of the Deputy Directors, managers, officers and the entire staff of IPQ”.

During the event, Associate Professor Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah presented the certificates of appreciation and consolation gifts to all staff of IPQ. He also awarded the certificate of certification 5S MPC 2016/2017 to Dr. Noor Hasmimi Abd. Ghani, and letters of appreciation to all committee of 5S IPQ. The handover of the management book to all the management staff and consolation gifts to the contributors with innovative ideas for the year 2016 were also delivered by him.

“There is not even one bitter memory which I have had during my 3-year service here in IPQ. IPQ is the best. UUM is the best!”, said the Deputy Director Dr. Mazni Omar, in her appreciation speech.

The ceremony was magnificently graced with a lucky draw and ended with a photography session.