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A total of 27 teams competed for the championship in the first UUM Open KIK Convention 2017 organised by the Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) UUM.

The KIK Convention was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of UUM, Prof Dato 'Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak who described the KIK convention as a noble program since it would lead efforts to performing tasks better.

"People who work well are those who are not complacent, and are constantly improving the quality of their work and have the initiative to go beyond the call of duty to facilitate others.

"Quality refers to 90 percent attitude and 10 percent knowledge that we have to make improvements but the most crucial part to performing well at any given tasks is to have a sincere working attitude from the heart to make one delivers excellent job.

“Therefore whatever we do in every given tasks, we have to do them responsibly and sincerely because every single thing that we do begins with an intention,” he said.

The Vice Chancellor stated again the importance of innovation and creativity based on the KIK philosophy where human capital is the most important asset in the management of an organization to provide equal opportunities to all staff to impart ideas.

He also said that KIK is a mechanism that is dynamic in terms of employees’ involvement in the problem solving process or work process improvement and also to generate new ideas.

He further added that creativity and innovation are very important for creating a work environment that is viable and competitive and should serve as the inspiration to generate creative ideas and increase the performance of their respective departments.

"Congratulations to all teams that are competing, do not think of losing or winning but what is more important is to give your best.

"The transformation is also easier if done as a team, do not underestimate the effort from them because these small groups can make a big change," he said.

The Director of IPQ, Prof Madya Dr Faudziah Zainal Abidin in her speech said that, as employees in an organization, it is a requirement for all staff to give their best in achieving the vision and mission of the organization, thus KIK is held to improve the competency of the employees, to promote their ideas and skills.

“We are always faced with problems in doing our tasks but if they are seen from a  positive aspect, we can see them as opportunities for us to improve ourselves by working passionately and wholeheartedly to get inspirations bestowed by Allah in carrying out the mandates.’ she said.

"KIK is not different from the final 5S method 'Shitsuke' which means sustained discipline, as it has the same meaning as istiqamah, doing it bit by bit but with continuous efforts.

I'm very excited since this is the first time we received entries from outside of UUM such as UTHM Health Centre, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department Penang, Baling District Council, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah  Alor Setar, Jitra Industrial Training Institute and 21 entries from the university, "she said.

The UUM Open KIK Convention are divided into the management category and the technical category with each category involving 20 teams and 7 teams. The winners in each category will be awarded with the Best Innovation Award, the Best Performance Award and the Best facilitator award.