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On 30 March 2017 the staff of IPQ, explored the UUM Sintok Forest as one of their sports and leisure activities.

This jungle trekking activity was organised by the Welfare and Recreation Club of IPQ, and the theme for the activity was "Explorasi Minda IPQ". A total of 20 staff participated in this activity and had the opportunity to examine three trees called “Pokok Tiga Beradik”. They not only experienced the beauty of nature in the woods created by Allah S.W.T but also had a great time enjoying  the beauty of  “Tasik Sintok”  or better known as the "Hidden Lake".

Three (3) saplings namely Shorea Leprosula (Meranti Tembaga), Aquilaria Malaccensis (Karas) and Dryobalanops Aromantica (Kapur) contributed by the Changloon Forest Ranger Office to IPQ were planted as a symbolic gesture of CSR in Sintok Forest, UUM. The planting of the saplings activity has helped the staff of IPQ to understand and appreciate the flora and fauna in Sintok. With its "Go Green Mother Earth” and “Save Our Planet" themes, IPQ has become the first institute in UUM to contribute and plant saplings in Sintok Forest.

Despite the fatigue, the staff has shown great spirit of cooperation  in making  the exploration a success. In addition, the activities conducted not only enhanced teamwork but also strengthen the ties among the staff of IPQ.