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On 11 April 2017 (Tuesday), the Institute of Quality Management (IPQ) organised a briefing on the Preparation of Evaluation for (5S/QE) Quality Environment Practices at Seminar Hall C, UUM Convention Centre. A total of 50 5S auditors from the university attended the briefing.

The main objective of the briefing was to inform the auditors of matters pertaining to the 5S direction for the year 2017. The 2 hours briefing was conducted by the Deputy Director of Quality Excellence, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norhani Aripin. At the briefing the auditors were informed of the 5S Practice Assessment criteria which were set up with the University’s 5S Chief Auditor on 3 April 2017. In addition, Assoc. Prof Dr. Norhani also took the opportunity to share with them the Audit Action Plan and the division of the Audit Team.

The evaluation of the (5S/QE) Quality Environment Practices will be carried out from May to October 2017. During the audit period every PTJ will be receiving 2 surprise visits from the auditor(s) hence IPQ hopes that every PTJ will give their full cooperation and commitment to the auditor(s) during the audit period.

IPQ thanked all the 5S auditors for their cooperation in making the event a success, and is confident that they are able to conduct the audits as they have been accounted for.