5S Practice Benchmarking Briefing

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On 7 June 2017 (Monday), a 5S Practice Benchmarking briefing was held to enhance the functionality of 5S Practices by PIC, Zone, Promotion Committee, Training Committee and Audit Committee of IPQ before attending   the 5S Practice Benchmarking Tour to the Kedah Fire and Rescue Department on 10 August 2017 (Thursday). The Kedah Fire and Rescue Department is one of the departments which has been awarded the 5S Practice Quality Environment Certification from the Malaysian Productivity Corporation (MPC).

The briefing was delivered by IPQ 5S Manager, Mrs. Siti Hajar Mat Isa. In one of the sessions she explained the 13 elements that need to be addressed and compared between the 5S Practices in IPQ and the Kedah Fire and Rescue Department. Among the elements mentioned are the Resource Room, the pantry, the Meeting Room, the Surau, the Multipurpose Room, the corridors, the Reading Corner, the 5S Zone Corner, the gallery / bulletin boards, the Document Room, the storage room, the restroom and the Refreshment Corner.

The 5S Training Committee of IPQ, thanked all those who were present and hopes that the visit will benefit all staff of IPQ.